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“I went through the DSM program in the early 90s to learn about systems management. My initial aim was to find a decent job but NIIT's Promela Iyengar ensured that I completed the program seriously. NIIT also facilitated my placement in a leading IT software company. This set a strong foundation for my professional transformation and I successfully progressed from a simple DEO to an executive CIO/CEO leadership position within the industry".

Sudhakar Siddegowda
Versant Technologies, Chief Executive Officer,
(DSM, Richmond Road - Bangalore)

“I went through the GNIIT course in the early 90s to learn application programming and systems development. My initial aim was to pick up a few programming languages quickly and find a decent job. I was not sure if I would be able to complete the entire program. NIIT ensured that the program was ‘sticky’ and interesting enough and that I would continue with it for all the three years. It turned out to be a serious learning for me and I used the course as a base to build my career in IT".

Sachin Jain
Chief Information Officer, Evalueserve,
(Connaught Place, New Delhi)

“Enrolling in NIIT has proved to be a valuable investment for me. In addition to widening my perspective on systems and networking, it has also helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I have become more confident and learnt to face challenges head on, using creative approaches to turn them into opportunities”.

Sujeet Dhumal
Tech Support, Wipro,
(GNP, NIIT Chinchwad, Pune)

“I was very interested in computers as a child and wanted to take this to the next level, making IT my career. NIIT was the only institute that provided me with training that was more industry-oriented and updated about the latest market trends. I enrolled myself in the GNIIT program, keeping this in mind”.

Joanna Rodrigues
Software Developer, Indian Oil Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
(GNIIT, NIIT Andheri West, Mumbai)

“I joined NIIT’s CJEV4 course in Secunderabad after completing my graduation (B-Tech) in 2012. The program and the teaching methods at NIIT helped me become technically strong, and prepared me for the interview process”.

L.Sai Prashanth
Software Development, Deloitte,
(CJEV4,Secunderbad, Hyderabad)

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